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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  February 22, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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changing weather conditions as we speak. >> and generally sunshine expected across the area after the overnight snow. between a trace to 3, 4 and some places 5 inches of snow as we got well north and west of the city up towards frederick and maryland border. they picked up close to 6. and there is your satellite radar. we are done with the snow. a party to mostly sunny morning and by later in afternoon a mostly sunny afternoon. going to be cold though. our winds out of the north at 10-15 and don't be fooled by the sunshine. temperatures today topping out in the mid 30s. and i've just been outdoors and it's been considerably cooler than the last several mornings. right now 27 at reagan national. ocean city below freezing and at 30 at this hour. mix in winds out of the north and northwest to 15 and it feels more like teens. a chilly afternoon and more
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sunshine expected. highs only in the low to mid 30s. a 37 in fredericksberg and 36 in la plata. more details on the forecast and we have a warm-up from here and more rain in the five-day. that might be it for the snow. those details coming up. allison, back to you. and we continue our coverage of the winter weather in maryland and virginia. we start with sarah simmons in rockville. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. i have to tell you, it's much nicer than it was much early they are morning. the sun is out now and the snow has stopped. and it looks like it is starting to melt out here. the roadways are pretty wet right now but for the most part they are passible. we've seen plows coming through here at muncaster road quite a bit so they are been able to clear off the slush out here. some of the neighborhood roads still might have the issue but for the most part the primary roads have been cleared. there is still slush in areas as you head into parking lots and that type of thing.
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and take a look from the video from this morning and you can see they have been working nonstop to clear the snow. and they are still in the process of doing that. and prince george's county wanted to pass out to people that they need people to move off vehicles off of snow emergency routes and folks should park their vehicles in a driveway. if you do not have a driveway, they are encouraging you to park on the even number side of the road to make a pass through there and clear it for folks. but for the most part, back out here live on the roadways, people are able to pass through much better than they were this morning. of course it will still be slick in some areas where they still have slush on the roadways so keep that in mind but much better than it was out here several hours ago. back to you, allison and tony. >> sarah, thank you very much. now let's head west and check on the conditions in virginia. paul raphel is live in
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sterling. good morning, paul. >> reporter: we're at route 7 and drainsville road and things are looking much better than this morning. clouds have been going past all morning long, since 4:00 a.m. and now it is clear. and the one thing that is a concern is that it is clear. so although the roads seem to be clear, it seems there are slick spots with black ice. and also many of the side streets are still not touched like the ones that are near us. some of the snow is breaking up just by the traffic but they are slick. this morning during the hight of the storm we talked about mike shannon about driving in these conditions. >> the only thing we ask is slow down, use common sense. you pay be riding on bare pavement but all of a sudden come up on slush. so use common sense and slow down. >> reporter: and how many trucks do you have on the road and how long are they working today? >> right now across northern virginia we have 1700 pieces of
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equipment. and we'll be here through rush hour. >> reporter: so they might be wrapping up some crews now but we have still seen plenty of clouds. tony and allison, we've been talking about how we missed the 77-degree weather from friday. so i'm going to fake it and i'm going to take off the earmuffs and put on the shades and pretend it's warm and i'm basking in the sun. >> wishful thinking. >> reporter: it's not working. >> keep at it. it's a state of mind. thank you, paul. you keep trying. we appreciate it. now to the developing story of a devastating earthquake in new zealand. at least 65 people are dead, dozens injured after a powerful 6.3 earthquake hit the city of christs church. it forced hundreds to run for their lives. the mayor has declared a state of emergency and the prime minister is helping.
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>> we have about 180 police working on the ground, 200 extra police coming in. 350 military people with another 250 people on the way and people from australia and the united states have been the people down here. i don't think we can go past the fact that we may well be witnessing new zealand's darkest day. >> rescue crews continue to dig for survivors this morning. to the crisis now in the middle east. more libby and diplomats and government officials are defecting to help the protestors. there were also rumors that khadaffi had fled the country, perhaps to valenzuela, but then he made a tv appearance to try to convince people he was still in charge. he only appeared for 30 seconds holding an umbrella. >> i was happy and i was talking to young men in the area and we don't believe the rumor that have been sent by
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those other agencies, those dogs. >> the united nations security council just met in an emergency session to discuss the situation in libia. it is driving oil prices higher after khadaffi ordered many to be killed in a massive crowd. oil went into a nosedive. the cost of a barrel spiked to above $92 a barrel and that will eventually raise the price of gas at the pump. now to a fox 5 news alert. d.c. police need your help to find a pair of missing friends. now take a look at this picture, the woman in the bink is esther chandler. the man in the white is joseph brooks. they went out to eat on sunday evening and never returned to their home. they have called family several times saying they were lost and tried to give their location but each time family members went to those locations they did not see the couple.
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if you know anything about their whereabouts, take a good look at this picture. they are looking to find these two people, the two older people in the front of the photo. if you know about their whereabouts, please call d.c. police. the price of an suv and a big pay increase for top staffers sparking a controversy here in the district. the d.c. council chair and mayor are both getting public outrage over how they are using taxpayer moneyal right in the major deficit for the city, forcing city employees to take four furlough days. will thomas explains. >> reporter: let's start with vincent gray. in office fewer than two months and as expected he is bringing in his own senior staffers but according to the washington post, he's paying some of his people tens of thousands more than his predecessor. chief of staff increase to $200,000 a year.
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communications director, $40,000 more than her predecessor with a salary of $160,000. there are similar instants according to the post. the mayor said he's trying to rule high quality people from private sector jobs and he added some are earning less than their predecessors under mayor fenty. and then there is kwame brown driving a fully-loaded luxury suv costing taxpayers more than $1,900 a month and it turn out the first one wasn't good enough. he apparently rejected it because he didn't like the color of the interior. so as first reported by the washington post, brown's office requested another one. we found it parked outside of his home in the hillcrest hights section of southeast. dvd system, power moon roof, aluminum rims. kwame brown said the first one had a white interior and he wanted black. the city found a second one with a tan interior and brown
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accepted it. but now there is two luxury suvs leased on behalf of the council chair costing city $4,000 a month. >> when i found out that was the cost we started to think about how we get out of this vehicle and asked for the determination clause. we've asked for the contact to be sent over to my office so we can review it. >> brown said he didn't know about the cost of the suv. one lincoln dealership that we talked to said it may cost more to break the lease than just keep the vehicle. questions are now being raised about a 26-year-old murder case. seven men are serving time for the murder of katherine fuller in a northeast alley. she was robbed, beaten, sexually assaulted and killed by as many as 17 people who wanted her money. ten people went to trial and eight were convicted, two found not guilty. but now the mid-atlantic innocence project said new evidence is raising doubts about the guilt of the men who went to prison.
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>> four of the six main witnesses at trial have recanted their testimony. one of them is dead and can't recant and one of them we haven't been able to find. >> now the innocence project has been investigating the case for many years. recently the government turned over information never given to the defense, information that places another man at the murder scene. he was never implicated in the fuller case. the hearing on the case is expected to be held in the fall. the murder trial agains today for anthony perkins. he was shot in southeast d.c. last march. according to papers, on holcomb admitted he metin -- met perkins. police say holcomb confessed to the shooting.
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a deadline to a government shutdown drawing near. the latest on the budget battle taking claim. and if you haven't filed your taxes yet, your time is running out. we'll talk with an expert that may help you get the most from the tax profits. keep it right here. just about 9:11. , indistinct conversations ]
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the showdown on capitol hill over spending. well both democrats and republicans are blaming each other for a looming government shutdown, the problem is that the present continuing resolution keeping the government running, it runs out on march 4th, just a little over a week away from now. but congress is on vacation leaving only a few days next week for all sides to reach a compromise. and the budget showdown continues in the state of wisconsin between prounion and spending cut demonstrators. neither side is backing down. and a few moments ago the governor said layoff notices
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will go out as soon as next week. in the meantime, senate republicans say there will be no changes to the spending bill. and democratic state senators refuse to return to wisconsin. democrats and the union said they would accept an increase in the cost of benefits but not removal of collective bargaining rights. we have a few more months for our tax returns. gordon burn hart is a certified financial planner and head of burnhart wealth management. thank you for coming in. >> appreciate it. >> and every year there are changes to the tax code. give me a change or two. >> we all know that the 2010 tax relieve act was signed into
9:16 am
law late last year so that caused delays in the preparation tax forms. but it did extend the right for individuals to include and deduct sales income tax. so for a taxpayer who bought big ticket items it might be beneficial to gather those. >> you have to meet a certain threshold for that? >> yes. >> what are some of the big mistakes that we all make every year when we're getting all of the information together and then filing. >> one is the biggest of not including contributions for charitable contributions. and we should have a check or receipt. if we've given noncash contributions more than $5,000 we should file another form with our tax return. that's the biggest ones that people make. >> even if you -- i know a lot of people who claim contributions up to the certain
9:17 am
minimum amount. do you have to document everything even if it's just $250. >> yes. it should be documented. in fact, i advise everything above $100. and the first time home buyers credit was a big deal last year. if a person bought a home in 2010 and it's eligible for the tax credit, they must file a paper return and they cannot e- mail. >> well i did not know that. what are some of the -- when it comes to the charity contributions, how much of a tax benefit can the average person get from that? >> doing good is never wrong. so i like contributing to charities. there are a lot of worthwhile charities in the washington, d.c. area that can use our assistance. so for the average taxpayer, they can reduce the tax bill by about $250 for every $1,000 contribution. >> that's good information. and let's talk about some of the other changes this year and things that people need to know
9:18 am
and consider and we have a graphic to show and april 15th deadline for roth ira contributions. is that a change or normal? >> that is still normal. for 2011, make sure you max out your retirement contributions, whether it's 401k, the roth ira. >> contribute as much as you can. >> yes. >> and it said consider maybe converting a ira to a roth. under what circumstances should you do that? >> certain taxpayers should do that. if you're in a low tax bracket this year. and the individual who lost a job, they are in a lower tax bracket and lower income and hope to get a job in 2011, they might be a candidate to convert part or all of an ira. >> and a lot of people are in this kind of situation. don't just think in terms of well my income was less so i'll pay less. there are other things you can do to further reduce your
9:19 am
burden. >> certainly. and retirement is a big thing. taxpayers who have iras and are required to take required minimum distributions, they might be better off if they are inkleined to do a charitable distribution instead of the required minimum distribution. >> because they would get some benefit from that. >> that would be taxable income that would itemize deductions and things like that. >> where can folks find you if they want to get more information. >> on the web at burnhart >> and we'll link you to their website at we can talk about this for two hours but we thank you for coming in. we appreciate it. and she was a pioneer in the civil rights movement and now dorothy hite is getting a building named in her honor. not just any building. we'll tell you about that. and holly is getting a look at city of the future. >> reporter: i am. and we just announced the top
9:20 am
four finalists and you get to see the 5th one with my cohost nate ball. the finalists in the 2011 future city competition is new jersey. come on down. they will compete today for the top spot. we'll talk more about the importance of this competition live later on fox 5 morning news. first let's look at today's trivia question. this was the youngest athlete to play in an american professional sports league? the answer is coming up in a little bit but you can take a guess right now on our facebook page. fox 5 morning news is back right after the break.  [ alarm blares, indistinct conversations ]
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the driver of a school bus
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in california is dead after losing control and veering off a highway, sending the bus 20 feet down a mountain side. ten other people were hurt and another 13 suffered minor injuries. the bus was carrying members of a korean church. they were headed home from a religious retreat. most of them middle school and high school age. authorities say alcohol did not play a factor in the crash. folks who live around -- live and work around the national naval medical center in bethesda are gearing up for a traffic nightmare. the base relocation merger with walter reed medical center is less than 7 months away. it will add more than 4,000 new workers, patients and visitors each day. but not a single shovel has broken ground to handle the additional traffic in the six years since the announcement of the project. >> if they don't, then people will suffer here. it's going to be hard and it will be hard for merchants in bethesda and all of the people
9:25 am
moving into the apartments and everything like that. >> we are concerned, clearly, and scared for what will happen in this neighborhood. >> congress mailed to deliver on $300 million for transportation improvements in bethesda and ft. belvoir in virginia because of a technical problem in the bill. mother nature is to blame for delaying the opening of the new icc project. the ribbon-cutting was yesterday but officials are holding off the opening until tomorrow because of the snow and ice. this section of the icc links the 70 to georgia avenue. a special ceremony today in the district. a post office near union station will be renamed in honor of dr. dorothy hites. it is the first federal building in the city to be famed after an african-american woman. eleanor holmes norton will be on hand. she introduced the bill saying hite was a proud d.c. resident
9:26 am
for 40 years. she was on the national council of negro women and died last year. snow fell over most of the area overnight so what can we expect the rest of the morning and during the afternoon? tucker is up next with the forecast. and have you ever seen a lyon fish? it's kind of pretty or exotic. >> yes, exotic. >> this is what it looks look and we're going to head to the bahamas to find out why they are hunting the fish and what they plan to do with them which is the very interesting part of this. >> wait until you hear. it's fascinating. and we continue to share your photos in honor of black history month. we had a lot of photos that were sent in and couldn't gem on the air yesterday. this is a tribute to helen monk. they were taken in the 60s at shaw university. she was a member of the student nonviolent coordinating committee where she
9:27 am
participated in sit-ins and later worked for the government where she protested for equal wages and was blackballed from the federal government. >> look at that. very stylish. wow! being gluten-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love. then we discovered chex cereals. five flavors of chex are gluten-free, including the honey nut flavor, and that's amazing to a mom like me. as a parent you don't want to have to tell your kids "no" all the time. it's nice for me to be able to say "yes" to something that they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors. gluten free.
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and it is for some. the stock market's nearly double, and wall street's handing out big bonuses. but millions of americans face a much colder reality. woman: the big drug store chain where i worked cut my hours, then laid me off. i had to sell my car to pay rent and buy heating oil.
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but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza rolls. but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza rolls. ♪ we're the kids in america ♪ oh, oh, oh four americans kidnapped aboard their yacht by somali pirates are dead. the yacht was hijacked on friday in the indian ocean. two couples were sailing around the world and detailed their exploits on the web. now this is a picture of one of the couples. the military vessels had been tailing the yacht after the hijacking but again the sad headline here, four americans kidnapped aboard their yacht friday are now dead. according to u.s. military officials. >> we'll have more on that as it becomes available. we want to say thank you now to our facebook fans. as you know, and tucker and i
9:31 am
talk about this all of the time, whenever we get weather events, we'twher so we appreciate folks sending in and posting photos on our page. we want to show you some of them. sherry snapped this picture in martinsberg, west virginia this morning. pretty picture. a couple of inches maybe. >> actually, i have an update because i have another facebook fan that said they got 4.5 inches. >> in martinsberg. >> and georgia in virginia just got a light dusting and school there's started on time. brianna sent us this photo. thank you. >> and this is what it looks like in front royal, virginia. matt sphinx said they got three quarters of an inch of snow but there is ice underneath it as we were saying earlier. >> and our last photo comes from joann and she took this picture of her porch in lake ridge, virginia. and we would like to see more of the weather photos to see how wonderful they illustrate. and send us more.
9:32 am
post them on our facebook page and up load them to our website at >> there you go. as expected, if you watched us yesterday morning, we got a few inches of snow around the area. sleet kept some of the snow totals down. >> and here is a live shot of traffic moving. i'm assuming that is in virginia. you like that? >> it's beautiful. >> looks clearer. >> that's a mix of sunshine and some cloud cover across the area. now the good news is we're done with the snow. let's do the snow totals and here we go. these are updated as of a few minutes ago. frederick, i put down 3.5 but i have a range here from about 3- 4 across northern portions of
9:33 am
montgomery county into southern friend rick county. frederick about 3.5. columbia, 3.5. bwi is 3.2. and in west virginia. and not much in washington, d.c. and martinsberg, 4.5 inches. and in vienna, .8 of an inch. and the farther south and east you went, the lesser amounts -- up in baltimore pretty impressive. 5-6 inches of snow in bel air. so the heavy snow band did strike to the north in the overnight hours just where the national weather service put the winter storm warning overnight for 4 plus inches. 28 at reagan national. we have been stuck in the 20s all morning long. 21 in gaithersburg. 20 in leonardtown. if you haven't stepped out, you're in for an unpleasant surprise as the temperatures are cole -- colder than what we've been dealing with.
9:34 am
28 in annapolis and salisbury. winds gusting to about 10-15 miles per hour. and it feels like teens and low 20s across the area. it will do so today even with the bright sunshine. so don't be fooled by the sun. it's definitely a late february feel out there. satellite radar, let's show you the snow. the snow quickly fading off to the east and just a little cloud cover lingering here. an area of low pressure pushing to the south of the washington area and dragging with it the cloud cover and the snowy conditions. so partly sunny conditions expected, mostly sunny by this afternoon as the system continues to push off and cold. our high temperatures today only in the low to mid 30s. hang in there though, by the end of the week we'll be back into the mid-50s or maybe pushing 60 by friday. so warmer weather on the way. cold and 34 degrees. mostly sunny by late this afternoon. winds, keeping things on the brisk side, out of the north at 15 miles per hour. and then clear and cold
9:35 am
tonight. let me emphasize tonight, refries -- refreezing out there. and temperatures low 20s in town. teens north and west. a nice warm-up with temperatures in the upper 50s and rain by friday. this looks like all rain. temperatures too warm to support anything other than liquid. that's it for your forecast. allison, over to you. the national aquarium is taking a trip to the bahamas to collect lyon fish. why? they are negatively affecting coral reef in the atlantic and caribbean and andy dehart is the director of the program. he joins us via skype to talk about the trip and the invasive species and with andy, let me introduce xavier deshade, executive chef of the ronald reagan building and international trade center. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> it's an unlikely partnership and we'll explain that in a moment. but andy, tell us about this
9:36 am
lyon fish and how damaging it is. >> here we're to collect lyon fish. it is a invasive species and introduced to the trade here in florida and it's spread throughout the caribbean and having drastic effects on the ecosystem. the lyon fist are predatory and eating the fish and outcompeting groupers and snappers for their normal diet. >> and andy, we love shark week and discovery channel and you're a shark advisor with discovery. these fish are at the top of the food chain, no predators, they are venomous. how similar is it from the group you normally study. >> we've tried to feed lyon fish to sharks and they don't like it so we've never recorded a predatory event where someone has taken a live lyon fish. so one of the things that we hoped is that sharks would control the lyon fish but they are not doing so because they
9:37 am
are not eating them. >> that's so interesting. so here is where the partnership comes in. xavier, tell us why you are there? >> because as a chef, how is this related? >> the fish is a proceed ator and it's going to be any interesting and learning experience for me. >> so the viewers are now saying did he just say eat the lyon fish and that's sort of the twist in this whole story. to try to control the population andy is working with xavier who will fry up or break up or roast up the lyon fish. how unusual is this partnership, xavier? have you been asked to do this before? >> no. this is the first time i'm
9:38 am
doing this. and it took me a while to try to find a different way i can cook this fish, especially to please the pallet of the washington people. so it will be an experiment. in a couple of days i'll be in my kitchen trying to prepare this dish the best i can. >> and the first fresh thought sustainable dinner will be march 3rd. where can we go and enjoy lyon fish? >> at the fashional aquarium in washington, d.c. go to national and we have the information there on the time and prices and we hope you come out. we have a slogan of eat them to beat them and we want everyone to eat lyon fish so we can remove them from the caribbean. >> and this is a venomous fish and they are okay to eat? >> yes. venomous has to be something
9:39 am
you eat. they are safe to eat and we hope people do eat them. >> you have a sweet assignment there. both of you. thanks for checking into us and we look forward for the dinner march 3rd. >> thank you, have fun. >> thank you. >> very interesting. down in the bahamas, that's a nice assignment. and we hope the work is successful. >> and doesn't it look good where they are. and yesterday during our black history month special we shared your photos that you sent to us telling your black history story. coming up next allison and i are going to share our photos. stay with us. it's 9:39. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread when you can have pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits? the warm, light delicate layers
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we continue to share your black history photo this is morning. this is a very cool picture of willie sire us senior. now it is not a mug shot as you might think when you first look at it. it is a work i.d. from the jones and laughlin steel company where he worked during world war ii.
9:43 am
this was sent in by his grand son anton. it's like a little badge. >> that's cool. >> we got all of these pictures and it got us very excited and i said i have some pictures too so i wanted to share some of ours. this is my father who many in this area knew, tommy perkins had an extraordinary life. he passed away in the early 90s and one of his proudest achievements or things that he ever did was, i'll tilt it down to fight the glare, he met dr. martin luther king in 1967 at a meeting here in washington. that's my dad. and low bee it is a telegram that he sent to my father. my father promoted concerts and they were organizing a benefit concert from henne belafonte and it said the concert is
9:44 am
going well. your presence is needed on saturday at new bethel baptist church on s. street, signed dr. martin luther king, jr. my dad had a lot of possessions and great photos. this is the one he was really proud of. a great photo of both of them. >> that is so wonderful. this is hanging in my office at home. >> that is so wonderful. well i just have family photos. >> that's okay. that's the main thing this is. so here are a few of mine. this is my dear poppa. that is my dad in memphis, tennessee. they were serious back then. and the next one is of my husband mark grandmother's when she was just 16 and her mother in springfield, illinois and those dresses were just made and they were posing in their dresses. this is early turn-of-the- century there.
9:45 am
and then last one is of my grandfather's family, in charlton, south carolina. so this picture might have been taken in 1911 because he is a baby and that's his brothers and sisters in south carolina. >> you and i have talked about this. isn't it great that photos still exist, that you can look back see it and get a sense of the time. i'm old enough to remember here in washington what the vibe was like in the 60 its and 70s. it's just amazing to see some of the things and how much everything has changed. some good, some maybe not so much. but it's great seeing those photos and reliving that. >> it sure is. thanks for bringing that in. i have a family shot and nothing to say. holly is getting a look at the city of the future from the great minds of the future. >> she's going to explain that coming up next. don't go anywhere. we're coming right back.
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some middle school students are using math, science and engineering to create their own visions of a city of tomorrow. >> holly morris is at the national engineers week future city competition today to show us some of those ideas and she's co-hosting the event as she always does. >> reporter: and the five finalists are now presenting and competing for that top spot. the team from philadelphia was one of the finalists. and they just ended their presentation. the future city that they came up with was a city that will in the future they say be in haiti and it gave hope for haiti and answered a lot of the problems that resulted from the earthquake. they just made their presentation, now the panel of judges are going to question them and they'll have to defend all of their ideas. of course this idea all began 19 years ago when this competition began and each year it's gotten bigger and better. and it used to be 7th and 8th graders and they've included 6th graders. and when you hear the ideas for the future, it's hard to keep in mind that these are such
9:50 am
young minds at work. but they are brilliant. and i want to introduce you to a few of them. this is a teen from minnesota. good morning, how are you? >> we're good. >> reporter: are you having a good time in the nation's capital? >> yes. >> your first time here? >> no. >> you're a regular. >> reporter: so tell me about the future city? >> we're located in the allps of switzerland and our city's name is called city of the valley. >> reporter: and when you were coming up with what to put into your city, what did you begin? >> we started researching over a year ago and the theme this year was developing our health care system and we chose to treat alzheimers and that's where we started with our essay and we've incorporated clinics and hospital. the first thing we did was built the river and carved it out and started adding buildings. >> reporter: and i notice you're a team of girls. let's hear it for the girls. so what was the most difficult,
9:51 am
the biggest challenge that you came up against? >> well it was hard to come up with ways to defend our city against avalanches because we're in the mountains but our engineer mentor helped us with coming up with ideas for that. >> reporter: and how much time did you spend on this on any given week? >> a long time. we would meet on weekends an every friday at school we would meet in the morning and talk about it there at the school day. >> reporter: and what is the most -- what are you going to remember most about being a part of this? >> just we've learned so much in the past about how engineering works and how a real city works so i think that we'll always have that. >> reporter: and do you think that you might consider being an engineer in the future? >> possibly. because this has shown me how interesting nearing is and how much fun it could be. >> reporter: and that is the goal behind this whole competition, to get kids excited about science, technology and nearing and math. and i have another team from western new york. good morning to you guys. i'm going to get some guys on.
9:52 am
tell me about your city. >> our city is niagara and it's a green city. >> reporter: and why is it important for you to make it a green city? >> because it helps people with asthma breathe. >> reporter: and so that was your health issue. and what are some futures of your city that set it apart. >> we had many incorporated teachers with ideas such as our transportation and we had our sports stadium and our spinning hotel. >> and why was it important to make the hotel spin? >> it give everybody a greet view of the city. >> reporter: you can charge the same high rate for every room. so in terms of working together as a team, was it easy or was it hard? >> it was fairly easy. but there were disagreements a lot at times but compromise helps mac -- make a better idea. >> reporter: what did you disagree on? >> our scale. a lot of people wanted to do
9:53 am
one inch equals 50 feet or one inch equals 100 feet and we decided on the 50 because it would show more and it was harder to fit in everything. >> reporter: and how did you go about compromise? how did you do is that? >> we usually -- we started to figure out what the argument was. we started to combine idea and most times with the sports stadium and the scale and we also had a vote on what would be the best solution for the city. >> so you found out what the argument was, you tried to compile ideas and maybe inter grate them together and then voted? i'm going to use this technique in the future when i have disagreements. that's why i'm asking. what is your favorite thing about being in d.c.? >> the hotel is awesome. >> reporter: this one doesn't spin. >> but it should. >> reporter: maybe in the future. we'll get you on it. you enjoy the rest of your time here. is our website. we have a link to future city.
9:54 am
next year is the 20th anniversary for this competition and it is something great to be involved in if you haven't looked at it so far. the future is bright as long as we're in their hands. >> so sharp. thank you, holly. the answer to todays a trivia question coming up after the break. but first do you have a question you would like answered. send it to me. what is this day? tuesday. we need more good questions by friday. head to and click on the morning tab for a link to ask allison. i'm going to answer whatever question you have. >> as long as its interesting. >> your right, tony. we do this on friday morning during the 9:00 hour. and a mighty one it is. it's still going on. we'll be right back. 
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adam: we need a good night's sleep. kim: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over the top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. i'm feeling sleepy already. nighty night.
9:58 am
time to answer today's black history trivia question. this african-american was the youngest athlete to play in a professional american sports league. now since i excluded you, tucker, that should tell the people that the answer is soccer phenom, freddy adu. at the age of 14 he was hyun of the youngest -- one of the youngest to sign for the season. and then on april 3rd of 2004 he became the youngest play tore appear in a major league soccer game. all right. so weeks after that -- it goes on and on. >> he's a local boy. >> but now he's like playing overseas, right? >> last i heard i think he was on a team in portugal. >> and now he's 30. how did that happen. >> he's a decent player. >> but he wasn't what we thought he would be. >> he would be the great
9:59 am
american hope in soccer. >> who could forget that picture when he's pictured. >> and so far he is the youngest black guy to play. >> that record will be changed. this afternoon we are going to be cold out there. temperatures only in the mid 30s. even with the sunshine it will feel chilly. high of only 34. cold tonight and be ready for a slippery one tomorrow morning and warm-up into the 50s by thursday and friday and rain returns thursday night and friday. and that's going to be an all- rain event. and saturday 60 degrees. so temperatures will warm up. it will feel like march as we approach march. our facebook fan of the day is kysha bullard. she said without fox 5 her kids would go to school on snow days. >> oh, no. >> if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day, find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news. there is no space between fox and the


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